Annoyed Kitties That Are In No Mood For Cuddles


Cats are among some of the most independent creatures. When they are domesticated, they often become grumpy because us hooman slaves of these majestic kitties never stop annoying them.

We have put together some awesome pictures of cats being annoyed by their pawrents when they are in no mood for a cuddle session, but their hooman can’t help but wrap around the fluffball.



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Aren’t their often times when you’re just sitting staring at a wall and suddenly you realize you have a feline companion in your household? What’s next, we go grab hold of the little guy and try to show our love and affection. But cats, like humans, have different personalities. Even if they have formed a secure bond with their hoomans, they may not like to be all cuddled up.


Hoomans may feel hurt that their kitty doesn’t love them, but that is not true. Felines have a different way of showing affection as against the cuddles and kisses which are some humane modes of showing love. Trust us, do not be disheartened if your kitty is not cuddly, he loves you plenty.


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