Are Some Cat Breeds Relatively More Photogenic Than Others?


Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

People have different perceptions of what is pleasing to their eyes. Usually, the things we love often appear to be cute or beautiful to us, while things we hate appear as ghastly. The same phenomenon applies everywhere, including other humans and pets.

Cats are among the most popular pets around the world today. These furry animals keep their owners hooked on their quirkiness such that there is never a good time to be bored. While all cats are beautiful on the inside, some cat owners may have a differing opinion.

Although, we wouldn’t call some specific cat breeds ugly because they are still the most lovable animals, we would argue that they are RELATIVELY less photogenic than some other cat breeds. However, this trait of not being photogenic has hardly had any impact on their popularity as an ideal pet choice among cat lovers.

We evaluated the responses of cat lovers and concluded that the cat breed perceived as least photogenic are the hairless ones. Fur is often the most appealing feature of a cat, and in absence of that softness and curvy outline, the pictures may come off as rather not-so-cute. We have compiled some pictures of hairless cat breeds for our readers, so have at it!






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