Artist Creates Hilariously Cute Comics Out Of Famous Cat Pictures On Internet


Not everyone is gifted with the talent of creating of art. People who can recreate cat pictures in an artistic manner are the best artists out there. These artists know how to make the best use of their artistic talent. An artist called ROCKYS came up with this innovative idea and his work worked out like magic. In fact, his artwork is way more interesting than the original pictures themselves. We bet you will agree with us.

Have a look at these cat pictures recreated by ROCKYS through his art. It’s totally pawsome and adorable.

#1 Cats always have an eye on what you are eating. This may happen if you don’t make an offering to them.

#2 Sometimes, cats also get surprised by the actions of their hoomans. It happens rarely.

#3 When your hooman interrupts you at the wrong time, what do you do? You simply find another way to get to it.

#4 “My cat thinks it’s catnip and can’t stop staring at it. I had to capture this.”

#5 When you ask your cat to go on dieting, but she can’t resist the delicious food.

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#6 “I was only trying to keep the birds away. Look what they did to me. Help me, please!”

#7 When your cat inspects how long it will take you to find him, so that he can clean up all the mess. Maybe hiding away is a better option.

#8 Taking your kitty to the vet be like…

#9 When your cat knows what’s coming next. Just look at those hilarious expressions.

#10 “Found my kitty smiling this way. Don’t know what mischief is he upto.”

We know you all loved ROCKYS’ cat art.

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