Artist Imagines What Would Happen If Cats Were Favoured Subjects For Famous Paintings


An artist called Barbie LovesDisney came up with an amazing series of artworks. Just imagine what would it be like if cats were a part of all the famous paintings. Wouldn’t these paintings become even more amazing?

Well, this artist made it happen and the results are purrfect. Have a look at some of these paintings here!


Never seen a cat happier than this one here. Just look at that smile. Isn’t it pawsome and totally infectious?


The knight in shining armor! None other than our very own furry prince.


This cat doesn’t know where else to look.


When cats get everyone’s attention, they just love it.


Even this cat can’t understand what went wrong with his hooman.

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Talking about her inspiration for artwork, the artist said,

Looking at historical artworks takes me right back to that time; I start daydreaming about that moment with the artist and his subject. What were they talking about? What did the artist leave out? How long was the subject sitting before their pets jumped into their lap for a cuddle?


This cat’s hooman has more attitude than the cat or shall we say it’s just the posing skills?


Even though cats know that they rule the world, they don’t waste their time on self appreciation. Felines have employed humans to do that for them.


When your cat’s happiness matters the most, but you also got work to do.

The reimagined artwork added life to these paintings.

I created these “reimagined” artworks using my cats, and the artwork I love and admire. We run a little TNR (trap-neuter-release) program in our neighborhood and kept these four kittens when they were trapped. They were difficult to tame but we fell in love with them as we got to know them.


Posing and all is fine. But when the cat is hungry, you have to take care of that also first.


The big conflict is who should we focus on, the cat or this lady.

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