Artist Turns Hilarious Cat Memes Into Adorable Watercolor Illustrations And It’s Pawsome


You might have often seen memes on cats in awkward situations. But Amelia Rizky turned these awkward hilarious cats into watercolor paintings and it’s pawsome. Cat lovers are as creative as the felines. Just like the cats, they too have got pawsome ideas in their head to make everyone smile.

Here are some of the beautiful paintings by Amelia that you all would like to have a look at.


This cat’s hooman must have done something really wrong to get that angry hiss.


When your cat finally catches a fish after days of practising. “It’s only the beginning. I will soon catch enough to party with my friends.”


When there are not enough places to hide and your cat needs some alone time.


This cat got the purrfect body he has been wishing for.


Not every plant is worth messing with, little kitty. This might have hurt a lot. Are you okay there?

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Cats always like to be artistic and different. Sometimes they end up in trouble because of this. But it seems that they don’t mind this as long as it brings a smile on everyone’s face. They really care for the collective good of their hoomans and fans all around the world. These cat paintings are truly beautiful and has managed to bring a smile on everyone’s face.


When your cat is more creative than the insta filters, you should start taking them as a great artist.


Found the one thing that the kitty loves the most in the entire house.


This cat has a bright future ahead. We wish you all the very best!


2020 got all us like! Even this cat can understand it all.


“Are you hungry hooman? Maybe you would like to try some lizard. You should sanitize it first.”

Which one did you like the most of them all? Tell us in the comments below. We would love to know which painting is everyone’s favorite. For us, all of them are pawsome.

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