Attention Seeking Feline Pretends To Die To Get Neighbors’ Love


A furball Lolly likes to play tricks on his neighbors now and then. One of his favorite tricks is pretending to be dead. This fourteen years old cat tricks his neighbors by lying down on the road and fakes his death.

The bizarre prank has turned this kitty into a local celebrity. The cat owner has to assure his neighbors that everything is alright by posting notes to them. The feline’s attention-seeking pranks are really creative and it is hard for people to understand. It is necessary that the neighbors are warned about the cat’s attitude so that they don’t get worried.

Lolly lies down motionless on the road with his tongue hanging out and eyes closed. He has tricked many motorists into thinking that a tragic accident has happened.

Lolly’s hooman mom Lesley Southam says that the cat is only after some concerned attention. He even made a flyer and posted it through letterboxes in order to warn everywhere.

He just loves attention and people. He can lay so still people will stop to check he is alive. He’s literally famous at this end of town. Everybody knows Lolly.

Lolly also has some other ways to trick others. Many times, he jumps into the cars of strangers and acts like everything was normal. Wandering into offices is also his thing. Lolly wants everyone’s attention, doesn’t matter where it comes from.

The note posted by Lolly’s hooman includes the cat’s name and a picture. So look out if you stay nearby. This kitty may come by and say hello.

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