Awwdorable Cat Tales From Across The Globe


Scientists claim that humans are greatly attracted towards felines with features such as an excellent fur, large round eyes, big foreheads, etc. Most humans would have no issues staring at cats with such features for hours at a stretch.

In addition to these adorable traits, cats can also be quite weird and hilarious. They melt human hearts at a blink of an eye with their cute antics. Cat owners always love how their kitties continue to find new ways to keep them entertained. However, there are times when cats are also moody and stubborn. They hate taking orders from others. However, all of us can agree that none of this is a problem when they are being super cute.

It seems as though cat owners are quite lucky. They have an in-house entertainment package. We, nevertheless, bring you stories from cat owners that will entertain you on a dull day. Scroll and don’t forget to share the funny stories with your friends and family!

#1 Can you let me sit in peace hooman? Quit following me.

#2 Hey pal, you doin’ alright? Just checking in.

#3 The cat has been provided with an entire bedroom for himself!

#4 If you climb on you, I love you! Be aware of that.

#5 An accurate demonstration of a paw-bump.

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#6 Hooman, don’t you think I make an excellent product? I am photogenic too, aren’t I?

#7 Well, at least my paw still fits in the mug

#8 A picture that can be taken only once in a million years

#9 Just a kitty, enjoying being pampered

#10 Rules must not be broken.

#11 Careful, hooman. I’m keepin’ an eye on you.

#12 The good boy Peepers is feeling proud tonight!

#13 Every. Single. Day.

#14 Virtual boop for all you cat lovers out there!

#15 Is excitement level in cats inversely proportionate to age?


#17 So.. Rocks are able to move now. What world is this?!

#18 The resemblance is uncanny!

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