Blind Abandoned Kitten Can’t Stop Hugging Her New Dad After Being Adopted


A kind man in Cape Town, South Africa rescued a blind sick kitten called June. He took it to the Domestic Animal Rescue Group (DARG). Holly Gilbert Jones happily took the task of fostering June.

Jones said,

She was brought in … by a member of the community who had found her, and I think her mum had been killed. There were no brothers or sisters.

Even though June was blind, she didn’t feel that she was different from the rest. June loves to run all around the house. She wants love from everyone she meets. The furball is always full of energy and craves everyone’s attention.

After spending several months with foster mom Holly, the little kitten was ready to be adopted. In order to find a furrever home for June, DARG shared the cat’s story on their Facebook page.

Rebecca Warner and Andrew Duff saw the post of DARG and decided to adopt her. When the couple went to pick her at her foster mom’s home. June immediately started snuggling with his new hooman dad.

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June climbed into Duff’s arms and curled up in them. She is a very friendly cat. Warner said,

She just curled into his neck and stayed there. On the way home, I got a little tag that said ‘Daddy’s Girl’ because I realized, ‘Well, that’s it. He’s become hers.

June is now happy with her new hoomans. There are two other cats in the home as well, Leeloo and Leia. She also likes to take walks in nature.

Duff said,

She’s absolutely perfect, every little inch of her personality. I never met an animal so loving and so happy and so resilient. She’s the most loving little creature.

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