Brave Cat Protects His Family When An Alligator Shows Up At Their Front Door


Cats have saved their hoomans time and again. Sometimes felines are busy entertaining their hoomans to save them from their boring lives. At other times, cats have to face the real monsters of life and protect their hoomans from them.

Many people think that dogs are the real protectors of the home. But this is not completely true. Our cats are smarter and can scare away huge animals as well. For instance, this cat saved his family from an alligator.

According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, there are more than a million alligators in Florida. So it is quite common that people run into these wild creatures now and then. And if that is not the case, then these alligators reach out to hoomans at their homes.

Ed Werdell from Libertyville, Illinois shared a picture sent by his friend from Sarasota, Florida. It was totally unbelievable.

Werdell captioned the picture saying,

We have friends in Sarasota FL that heard noise at their front door. Take a look at what they found!!! Wow!

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Just look how huge the alligator is. But still he was not the one who impressed people. In fact, it was the little kitty showing his courage to protect his family from the huge alligator. The kitty sat at the front door patiently and told the alligator to leave. As long as the cat guards the door, the alligator won’t get a chance to get through at all.

This cat was not ready to expose his family to any danger at all. He simply sat at the front door staring at the alligator that he was at the wrong place. So he should leave and never return. People really appreciated the cat’s bravery and said that only a Florida cat is capable of doing this.

The alligator was not ready to leave. He tried his best to get through, but the cat had other plans. He knew that his family’s safety was more important than anything else. We are totally proud of you kitty!


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