Canadian Girl Makes A PowerPoint To Convince Her Parents To Get A Cat, And It Goes Viral


Every child wishes to get a pet, but not every parent support their decision. The art of persuasion is a talent that not everyone possess. One Canadian girl went on to make a Power Point presentation to convince her parents to get her a cat. Let’s see if she got the cat or not.

Chritopher Doyle lives in Toronto with her wife and daughter. Recently, he tweeted about his daughter’s trick to convince him to get a cat and it’s hilariously pawsome.

His daughter made a Power Point presentation to convince his parents why adopting a cat is a good thing. Her arguments are hilarious, yet solid enough to convince anyone.

This little girl insists that getting a cat won’t be any trouble. In her pros list, she mentioned that cats don’t need regular walks. She said that she would herself take the entire responsibility of the cat and also clean the litter box.

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The girl has been on the task of researching about felines since last five years. She said that she will never back off from her duties towards the cat.

Doyle’s tweet went viral very quickly. Her daughter took advantage of this and went on to insist on getting a cat.

The most surprising thing was that Doyle’s little daughter even mentioned that many people don’t adopt cats due to the superstitions surrounding them. This fact was confirmed by Andrea Blair, the Director of Kentucky Humane Society Communications.

He said,

They have the very best intentions, but the unintended consequences are the perpetuation of the myth – which leads to black cats spending even more time in shelters.

Many people tweeted about benefits of getting a cat.


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