Cat Comes Home With Note On Collar, Owner Discovers He Is Leading A Double Life


Cats are good at keeping secrets, but not that good. Hector Morales was totally shocked when he came to know that his cat Nilo has a double life. He even joked that his cat was cheating on him.

Well, letting your cat out the home to wander on their own can be a little dangerous. It is also said that cats who wander outside more do not live longer. In this case, Nilo found another family for himself.
Morales felt that it was okay for his cat to quench his need to roam around freely. However, he was unaware of the underlying perils. Morales adopted Nilo from a local stray litter. As time passed, Nilo grew bolder and spent more time outside the home.

The cat always returned back home, so Morales did not worry initially. But as Nilo started staying out for days, Morales got suspicious about his cat’s whereabouts. He also observed that Nilo has become fatter and more calm lately.

One day, after Nilo came back home after days, Morales found a little note attached to the kitty’s collar. The note explained it all. Nilo was not spending all this time outside. Infact, he has found another home for himself. He was playing a part-time indoor kitty for someone else all this while. Morales even tweeted about it.

My kitten has a lot of freedom and sometimes leaves, but he comes back the same day and sleeps here. However, for a few months it takes a little longer to return. On Monday he appeared after three days of not knowing anything about him, and he did it with a piece of paper on his necklace.

As per the little note, the other family has named the kitty Angelo and explained that the kitty was spending time with them. Even though it came as a shock to Morales, he was happy that the cat was safe. Morales left a note on the kitty’s collar when he left home next time. It said that Nilo ate tuna before leaving and asked for the other family’s number. At least the kitty won’t be getting fatter, even though he kept spending time with both the families.

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