Man Travels 4,000 Miles To Meet Girl Who Liked A Facebook Photo Of His Cat, Now They’re Dating


A cat hooman bonded with a woman living four thousand miles away over the love for felines. Cats always bring love and happiness with them. But they also bring together two people who love cats.

Adam Lawrence, living in London, travelled all the way to Chicago to meet Anna Hosey. The two met on the Facebook Group ‘This Cat Is Chonky’. You will be surprised to know that the two of them are dating each other. All this happened because of Adam’s cat. Let’s find out how.

Adam’s cat is totally adorable. So Adam decided to share a picture of his adorable kitty on ‘This Cat Is Chonky’ Facebook group. Many individuals share the pictures of their chubby cats on this group.

Adam is graphic design graduate and twenty eight years old. Anna, who is twenty five, liked the picture of the kitty posted by Adam and that’s how the story began.

Anna said,

I had recently joined the group and instantly noticed Adam. I made a comment in regards to how cute he and his cat were.

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Things quickly escalated between Adam and Anna after he sent her a private message. The two connected instantly and realised that they have a lot in common. They started talking on video calls and decided to meet after a few months.

Both of them felt a spark. Adam travelled all the way to Chicago in order to meet hairstylist Anna and her kitty Kidden.

Anna said,

Kidden doesn’t immediately interact with others, but this time it wasn’t the case for Kidden. Adam and Kidden together have been a lovely sight to see!

The group members were really happy to hear their story.

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