Cat Gets Extra Treats By Pretending To Be A Stray Cat


Cats are pretty smart and they always find their way. These sneaky creatures live life on their own terms and are not afraid to chase what they want. Here’s the story of one such sneaky fur ball called Minnie.

This cat is really lucky when it comes to her hooman. She has a good place to live and her hooman feeds her well. Still, this cunning creature is not satisfied and wants more. She found out a way to add some more treats to her diet. But how?

Minnie posed as a stray cat to get some more food in her plate. How wicked of her!

This furry creature lives in Netherfield, England and likes to hangout in front of local Co-op. Minnie’s hooman said that the four year old kitty started visiting Co-op a year ago. Getting treats from the shop is her favourite part of the day. Andrea said,

She tricks everyone into feeling sorry for her. When we go and see her at the Co-op she’s the nicest cat ever, but as soon as we get her home she’s just vile. I think it’s because we’ve tried to lock her in so many times.

Andrea tried her best to keep the kitty away from the Co-op, but it didn’t work. She used to take the kitty back from the Co-op about a dozen times a day. Andrea even tried to lock the kitty, but the aggressive kitty got injured trying to escape. Finally, Andrea decided to let Minnie do as she liked.
Well, cats can be really stubborn.

Minnie loves all the attention that she gets at the Co-op and now she has a little cat bed of her own at the Co-op. The Co-op also put a sign beside the cat bed to explain that she is not a stray cat. Minnie is a local celebrity now and receives love and lots of treats from everyone.

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