Cat Loves Stealing His Neighbors’ Shoes So Much, His Human Creates A Facebook Group To Return Them


Whenever a human makes some mistakes, he himself has to make amends or get punished for it. But what should we do if a cat is a criminal? Should we punish it or try to reform it? In most of the cases, it’s their hoomans who have to make amends.

Those of you who live with a cat may already know what we are talking about. But has your kitty ever resorted to going on a theft spree? Many a times, it’s easy to correct things when your cat makes a mess. But stealing things is at another level. Out of all the things that this kitty could have done, he chose to put his hooman in such a dilemma.

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BJ Ross has a cat named Jordan. This kitty loves to venture out at night and returns next day with whatever he could lay his hands on. In order to amend his cat’s mistake, BJ Ross created a Facebook group to reach out to the neighbors who have been robbed by his cat.

Here’s Jordan’s huge collection of things he brought home! Amazing collection, isn’t it?

Ross wants to return all the footwear that his kitty brought home. She even put a GPS on her cat.

It seems that the kitty likes to go on long walks. The long power naps that he takes entire day are definitely helping.

The security cams also helped Ross in collecting some evidence. Jordan is surely up to a lot of mischief. He plans his actions whole day long.

Look what people have been saying about this naughty cat.

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