Cat Owner Puts Up Hilarious Sign To Keep Her Cat Indoors


Laci Reamer adopted an adorable kitty from a local shelter earlier this year and named him Hubert. The eight year old tabby quickly settled into his new home. However, the kitty didn’t like to stay in for long.

Reamer soon found out that Hubert has a fascination for roaming around. It was becoming almost impossible to keep Hubert indoors. The kitty made several attempts to escape from his new home. Hubert did all he could to get out of the house.

Hubert would stare adorably at whoever came to the door so that they would let the kitty out. He would then meow softly to encourage them to let him out. It is really hard to resist that look. If you would look into the kitty’s eyes, you would also know.

Hubert’s family came up with an innovative idea to keep the kitty indoors. Here’s what the sign says:

Hubert’s home is on a busy street and he has lot of opportunities to lure people into letting him out. Her hooman Laci s really concerned about the kitty. Laci said that even though the kitty would beg you in the most adorable way possible, letting him out won’t be a good idea.

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The sign is doing its job purrfectly well, just like Laci intended. But this doesn’t mean that Laci would keep the kitty shut indoors all the time. Laci uses a leash and harness whenever she takes him out for a walk.

The kitty can now enjoy going out as well as stay indoors safe with his hooman. Laci is also relived that Hubert is safe. It’s a win-win situation for both the kitty and his hooman.

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