Cat-Owner Selfies Gone Horrible Wrong


Do you love taking those adorable selfies with your feline fluffball? Well, I do. But the trouble is that no one looks at me if he’s in the photo. Most of us feline owners love taking selfies with our cats. But our feline friends can often be neurotic and unpredictable. That’s not necessarily a bad thing because when those pics show up on newsfeeds, they become a source of entertainment for millions of people. Cats will never stop being cats, and that’s that.

We have put together some of the best pics online where the owners failed miserably in taking the kind of selfie they had in mind, and the credit goes to their cats. Scroll through and don’t forget to share these with your friends and family!






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This bids well for the people who love looking at cat pics online, though. These selfies provide wholesomeness to feline fans the world over. Regardless of the kitty being grumpy, silly, angry, mean, or funny – the kitty has a much higher chance of making you an internet sensation than attempting to become popular all by yourself.











These cats do not seem to regret their decisions no matter how silly the end result looks. They know the internet loves them because of their antics.

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