Cat Owners Are Sharing The Most Weird Habits Of Their Cats And They Are Hilarious


Many of us have our own imagination how it feels like to live with cats. But it’s the cat owners who actually know the truth. Sometimes they can act totally bizarre. You may also end up wondering if instead of your cat, there is a human trapped in a cat’s body.

Have look at these cat pictures and you will get to know about some of the weirdest things that cats do.

#1 Cats don’t have a word called privacy in their dictionary. So you would have to adjust accordingly. All the best!

#2 “Every time our cat wants us to fill his water bowl, this is what he does. This is simply adorable.”

#3 “My cat loves to sit there and stare at me whenever I use the bathroom. Her expressions surprise me every time.”

#4 When leave you pets all by themselves and come back to this. There is definitely something wrong.

#5 “My cat is awed by the magical instrument called bulb. He stares at it for five minutes straight every time I switch it on. Maybe he is just trying to figure out how it works.”

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#6 “My cat was an artist in his previous life. He still likes to collect coloring pens. Are you painting something secretly, little kitty?”

#7 “My cat gets super thrilled every time I take a bath.” “Is this sprinkling object called water? Please keep me away from it.”

#8 Look who has been stealing from their hooman’s pocket all this while. Thieves caught red handed!

#9 Some cats have a secret talent of standing on their hind limbs. Then they act as if there is no big deal in it.

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