Cat Owners Shared the Absurd Pranks Their Insolent Cats Pulled


Cats love to pull prank on their hoomans all the time. They are thinking about it half of the time. It drains them out and then they have to take twenty naps a day. Felines really work hard to come up with all the pranks in order to entertain their hoomans. Cats know that their hoomans have to go through a lot the entire day. So someone has to do something to cheer them up.

Here are some absurd cats that they have pulled on their hoomans. Have a look and tell us which one did your cat play on you.


It may take some time or maybe a lot of time for your cats to trust you, but it will happen one day for sure. So do not give up and your efforts will pay off.


Every cat dreams about this day since the time they find their forever home. Some hoomans understand, some don’t.


When you live with a cat, you tend to become more creative.


Cats can be really weird at times and this may scare you. But they love you and care for you, so don’t worry. Cats will never let anything wrong happen to you.

What do you think about these cat pranks? Aren’t they awesome? Even we won’t be able to come up with such spectacular pranks that our cats come up with. Felines do so much for us. They are always thinking about their hoomans and how to cheer them up. And all we do is think that cats are selfish and mean.


When your cat finally discovers the joy of playing with a box.

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Cats have a way to melt our hearts.


What do you want now kitty?

What pranks does your cat play on you? Share with us in the comments below. It’s always fun to talk about cat stories and discuss them. We are so blessed to have cats in our life and witness all their pawsome tricks.

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