Cat Owners Who Deserve A Medal For Their Patience


Living with a pet is no easier than raising a child or juggling two jobs at a time. they have their own brain and won’t listen to you at all. Out felines are very creative and unpredictable. You can never imagine what they are up to and have to wait for them to show you. As much as our cats make us happy, they also teach us lot of patience in life. If you are able to sit through those hours long presentations that give you headaches, go home and thank your cats.

#1 Your cats will ruin your carpet if you won’t change it to their favorite color.

 #2 Always interrupting to get everyone’s attention. Cats like to keep track of everything important going on around them.

#3 You either have a cat or your privacy. Forget about space and privacy once you get a cat. There are no such words in cat dictionary.

#4 “I had to check it before you eat it.”

#5 You don’t need a TV when you have a cat around. It will keep you amused at all times.

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#6 When your cat can’t sleep in its own bed, let it sit on the eggs.

#7 When you forget to hide your toilet paper in the cabinet.

#8 “If your hooman is too busy to cuddle with you, pull one of the blindfolds and your job is done.”

#9 “We were playing hide and seek with our cat. Found it hanging outside the next day.”

#10 Cat screaming at the faucet to make it work. Things work differently when you live with a cat.

If you still didn’t get an idea how patient you have to be to live with a cat, go adopt one now.

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