Cat Posts That Are Impossible Not To Laugh At


Humor me for a minute, if you will. Imagine a world without cats. Dogs would have become excessively confident in absence of any fear caused by felines, YouTube probably would not be the largest video hosting website because there would be no cat videos to watch, and nobody would have puked in human footwear or clawed their face late at night for no apparent reason. Sounds frightening, right?

Fortunately, cats do exist, making our planet a lot funnier and supplying the humor it needs in these trying times. Not only do they exist, they make their presence felt, especially over the internet!

We have put together some of the top pics from Tumblr which are sure to tickle your bones. Enjoy your laughter ride and do not forget to share the fun with your friends and family!






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Cats make their hoomans internet sensations, a fame they would have never been a beneficiary of had it not been for their kitties. They are our source of eternal laughter, affection and purrs.




Although, they have their phase of being grumpy and throwing tantrums, we could not do without them in the slightest. Let us be grateful today, for the kitties among us giving us the joys that we so direly seek everywhere.



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