Cat Pretends To Die After Losing A fight; Goes Viral On The Internet


All of us have our good moments and the bad ones. Recently, Louis, the kitty, became immensely famous on the internet. All this happened because he was suffering from depression. The kitty is not at all happy about it. However, everything ended on a good note.

Meet Louis!

Paladin Amber, Louis’ hooman, observed that the cat was acting strange and looked scared. The adorable purrball was not eating, drinking or sleeping properly. Amber got worried and thought that the cat was near his end. She immediately took Louis to the vet to get him checked and see what was wrong with him.

Fortunately, the vet told Amber that Lousi was just sad. He was not going to die anytime soon. This story went viral pretty soon. The Twitter thread has already got around 823k likes.

Here’s what Amber tweeted!

Louis is sad because some other cat beat him in a fight.

Amber was very worried about the cat, but she was relieved when she got to know the truth.

Louis may be worried what Amber would do.

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The terrified cat finally started drinking water.

None of us like to lose in a fight. Obviously, Louis was upset about it.

Louis is planning to take his revenge. Going viral on the internet was not on his list. But he doesn’t mind.

Louis has an interesting background story. He was busy rolling outside near the recycle bin when Amber decided to let him in. Amber said,

He is a soft and sweet introvert, he keeps to himself mostly but will sometimes sneak up behind me while I’m hanging out washing to play and roll around.

Some other cat hoomans also shared how their cats pretend to die at times. Have a look!

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