Cat Stories That Will Prove That We Have Been Underestimating Their Wisdom


More or less out of all the people who wants to keep a pet, most of them choose a cat. Well, it’s the cat who chooses the family and not the other way round. Cats have a sixth sense when it comes to choosing a family for themselves. If a cat chooses you, take him home without thinking twice. Cats have everything planned out and they know what they are doing. They have proved their wisdom time and again. Felines are sneaky and like to plan their next step in advance. If you still doubt cat wisdom, read these stories and you will never doubt them again.

I’m 27 years old and I have a cat. Several months ago, I had strep throat and a high fever. I couldn’t eat at all. After 3 days, my cat started bringing me food: cookies, biscuits, candies — anything he could find on the kitchen table. The most touching moment was when he spit out several pieces of his food near my pillow and sat next to me silently asking, “What are you staring at? Eat!” That moment I realized that I’ve been underestimating him for 3 years.

We had a cat 5 years ago. He couldn’t get used to the litter box. My dad was sick and tired of the cat’s behavior and whenever the cat pooped in the wrong place, he brought him to the litter box and showed him the litter. The cat somehow refused to understand what we want from him. One day, after another “act of training”, the confused cat gave us a look full of guilt and misunderstanding and slowly started to eat the cat litter.

I live in my own house and we rarely close the entrance doors. We have a cat who is free to come and go whenever he likes. One day I came into the kitchen and saw my cat with a little kitty sitting next to him. He was just about 2 months old, but their resemblance was striking. Looks like, my cat got his baby back for not paying child support.

I went out to the balcony to get some fresh air. Down on the playground, I saw a man who was playing with a cat on a swing set. I asked him, “What are you doing?” The man innocently answered, “I went out for a smoke and the lonely cat was here. So, why don’t I make him happy?”

My son came up with a mission of revenge for our cat. When the cat ate, my son stared into his eyes. While he was used the litter box, my son screamed by the toilet door and banged on it. When the cat fell asleep, my son laid down next to him and put his legs on the cat.

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