Cat With Hilarious Facial Expressions Goes Viral On The Internet


It’s always hard to make out what your cat wants to say. They hardly impress and are expressionless most of the times. But one cat is going viral on the internet for his expressions. Don’t miss these pawsome expression!

#1 When you tell your cat that there is no extra food left for him and he stares at you in disappointment.

#2 When your cat spots you acting crazy after getting drunk, he will flash the completely confused face.

#3 When you return home late and find your cat giving you an angry stare.

#4 When you finally get your cat’s favorite treat and he stares at you with surprise and excitement.

#5 “I am not feeling good. Can you leave me alone for some time.”

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#6 “Sorry, I can’t help you with this. Sometimes, you need to grow up and deal with your own issues.”

#7 “Why lord, why! Why did you do this to me?”

#8 “Ghosts are for real. I will run as fast as I can and hide where nobody can find me.”

#9 “You keep on disappointing me again and again. How many times do I have to forgive you?”

#10 “Okay, this is the last time. I will throw you out of the home next time.”

This cat has a thousand moods. His hooman captured some of them and shared with us. Well, some cats are very expressive. It only gets easier to guess what they are thinking. Is it really a cat or some human trapped in a cat’s body?

Do you also have a cat? Does it express as often as this kitty? Comment and share with us!

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