Cats Befriends A Lynx While Looking For Food In A Zoo


Cats don’ t mind calling you their friend if you are interesting enough. One kitty walked into a zoo and decided to befriend a lynx. You must be thinking if it’s even possible. Yes, it totally is!

Meet this lynx and cat who became friends instantly!

A regular Russian cat became friends with a European lynx while she was strolling in the zoo. The homeless kitty was looking for food which happen to be where the lynx was. The lynx happily offered some of the food to the hungry kitty and they became friends instantly.

It seems as if the cat needs the lynx as much as she needs her.

Many people feel that the cat believes that the lynx is her mother. She has been taking care of the kitty just like a mother would take care of a child. The two share a very special relationship. The zoo couldn’t commit the sin of separating the two. So the zoo adopted the cat as well. Now the two of them are there to support and feed each other.

Don’t miss out this adorable video of the kitty and the lynx cleaning each other! They are purrfect for one another.

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It’s rare to find such friendships among different animal species. A bond so beautiful is created with much love. This lynx and cat’s friendship is an example that you don’t choose your friends, rather friendship chooses you!

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We are lucky to witness such pure friendship. If your cat also share such beautiful bond with his friends, please share with us. We would be really happy to hear about it.

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