10 Cats Being Nice And Breaking The Stereotype Of “Cats Are Evil”


We all have grown up with this belief that cats are insensitive and selfish creatures. They always care about getting enough sleep and food. If they are hungry in the middle of the night, they will wake you up without thinking twice. Maybe we have been judging them wrong all this while as some cats went ahead to prove that they are pawsome.

These cat pictures will show that they care more than you will ever know. It’s the little act that counts and we are forced to change our opinions as well. So cats can be good as well and they are already awesome.

#1 Look who is waiting for you to return home! Our very sweet furry friend.

#2 “No worries friend, I am here to save you.”

#3 When your cat not only welcomes another pet, but also decides to take care of it. Well, they have been lying to us all this while. Cats are not insensitive.

#4 Felines are very supportive and won’t leave you alone in your tough times. They have always got your back.

#5 “Don’t be scared. I will push the swing slowly.”

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#6 Don’t want to go for therapy? Adopt a cat and rant your heart out.

#7 When your cat knows the trip to may your baby go back to sleep. “I am here to watch the baby.”

#8 This is how you make new friends.

#9 When you think cats like to stay alone and they go and befriend a turtle instead. We have been so wrongly judging them all this while.

#10 Couple cats are so adorable. You just can’t take your eyes off them.

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