Cats Bond With Their Owners In The Same Way Children Bond With Parents Says New Research


We bring you some jaw-dropping revelations, dogs might no more be human’s best friends! Scientists have made some shocking disclosures based on their recent research regarding how felines are increasingly taking up the mantle of doggos.

Scientists from Oregon State University proved through a study they conducted that our adorable kitties can form special bonds with their hoomans – much the same way dogs. What this tells us is, regardless of their arrogance and aloof behavior, cats actually do care about their hoomans and see us as their caretakers.

#1 Scientists make amazing revelation about cats!

#2 Research proves the kitties form a secure bond with owners…


Attachment behavior study is conducted by reuniting felines with either their caregivers of parents after a short period of separation. Previous studies have confirmed that human babies, lil puppers, and baby monkeys may form secure or unsecure bonds with their parents. Now, the scientists have attempted to test this theory on feliens.

#4 … pretty much the same way as monkeys, dogs, and human babies!

#5 This tells us that about 2/3rd of kitties see their owners as caretakers or even parents

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At the end of the study, scientists confirmed that about 65% or 2/3rd of kittens form secure bonds with the pawrents. Moreover, the firms grew stronger through their adulthood. The ratio between insecure and secure bonds is right up there with that of human babies!

#7 Regardless of how arrogant and aloof they behave, they actually do care about us



#10 Dogs now have competition for the place of human’s best friends

Well, what exactly is a secure bond? It’s quite straightforward. A secure bond is said to exist when upon reuniting the kitty both – pays attention and explores the surrounding.

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