Cats Can Recognize Their Hooman’s Voice But Choose To Ignore, Study Suggests


Many people consider cats are selfish and rude creatures. Well, even the cat hoomans won’t disagree to this completely. No matter how many times you call out a cat, it comes to you only when it needs something from you. The felines will start nudging you or sit in your lap when it needs food or simply wants you to scratch it.

The University of Tokyo has conducted a study which proves that cats are neglectful. The study showed that the cats could recognize the voices of their hoomans and they still chose to ignore it. Is this just cats taking their revenge for the times we made fun of them? Or the other times when we dressed them up in silly clothes?

Well, it could be one of the reasons, but the study showed that it’s an essential evolutionary defence for the cats.

Cats are in a habit of ruling everyone around them. So they make sure that it stays that way.

No doubt cats are smart and they have proved it once again. Yes, your felines have been fooling and ignoring you all this while.

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Kazutaka Shinozuka and Atsuko Saito conducted the research with twenty house cats. They waited till there hooman was not around and then played recordings of some strangers calling the cat’s name followed by their hooman’s and then some other stranger.

After that they analysed the response of the cats by measuring their movements including that of their ear, head, tail and paws along with vocalisation and eye dilation. The results clearly showed that the felines showed greater response to the voice of their hoomans.

However, this doesn’t affect the attachment level to their hoomans.

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