Cats in Philippines Occupy the Circle Marks Near the Market, and People are in Awe


As it turns out, philippino kitties are shaming the residents who don’t follow the social distancing rules, by following them themselves (or may be they just love sitting in circles)! And still, the world terms cats as rebels. Philipines’ Quezon City market was in for a surprise one day as they spotted a group stray cats sitting inside the circles marked for social distancing.

#1 Proudly maintaining a 1m distance

These photos were taken by Coleen Joice Aquino as she was on her way through the Quezon City market. On her way, she was delighted to find these cats setting up some real nice examples for humans in a time of crisis. However, she never thought these photos will take the internet by storm. She says she posted these only because she found those cats cute.

#2 Hey, whatcha lookin’ at?

#3 Ahhh, wholesome!

#4 Say Bill, when do you think hoomans will find a vaccine for the covid?

Apparently, these cats are a regular here as the vendors tell us. They come to the market for some 10 minutes everyday looking for food.

The circles drawn in white are painted all around the town to serve as a guide to people for keeping a distance from each other of at least 1 meter to stop the spread of COVID-19. The responsible cattitude of the cats have caught the attention of netizens around the world. Unlike the unmasked and irresponsible people who probably think they have no part to play in all of this.

#5 Flattening the curve!

Most Watched - Video of the Day

Check out these responsible kitties raising the bar for hoomans! We bring you pictures from the streets of Philippines and also responsible furrballs who were found following social distancing. Share these health-cautious kitty pictures with friends and family!

#6 SPA DAY!!

#7 Is that a dead bird I see?!

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