Cats Who Decided That Disobeying Their Owners Is Not Enough So They Defied The Laws Of Physics As Well


Cats do some really unexpected things at times. Even though they are masters of giving surprises, sometimes they end up doing things that is beyond anyone’s understanding. These cats defied the laws of physics. You name one thing that they can’t do and felines will prove you wrong in the next moment.

Have a look at these cats and you will be shocked too!

#1 When your cat defies the laws of physics. It’s phenomenal little kitty!

#2 My view is better than your view.

#3 When your cat tries to spy on you and you catch him like this.

#4 Your cat is angry with you, but you have plans to go to work. “How dare you leave without consoling me. You are not going anywhere.”

#5 Some cats like to drink directly from the tap.

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#6 “Spotted my kitty like this at the middle of the night. Can’t go back to sleep now.”

#7 “Every time my cat gets back from his stroll, this is how I find him.”

#8 “When I am trying to focus on my work, but my cat is super busy disturbing me.”

#9 “My cat has super talents. I was completely clueless about this one until a few days ago.”

#10 “Every time my cat wants to go out, but return back within a minute. Are you hiding something out there?”

#11 Some actions of the cat are completely out of our understanding. This one was a yoga trainer in his past life.

#12 When your cat is too fluid and chooses to flow, instead of walking.

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