Cats Who Focus On Making People Laugh Rather Than Being Adorable


Cats are naturally adorable. But some cats are free of this responsibility of being adorable. They focus more on making people laugh. So it would be unfair to burden them with both the responsibilities.

Here are some cats that totally forgot to be cute, but managed to make everyone laugh nonetheless. Have a look at these pictures and have a great day ahead!


“Why are you getting so close to me? What is this strange thing in your head? Get away from me now!”


“Hi hooman, you are disturbing me. Can you go away and focus on your work? I am a little busy right now. I will get back to you later.”


It’s okay little cat. You will do better next time. “What’s wrong with my hooman? Why is he always feeling bad for me? I wanted to drop that glass.”


“Asked my cat to pose for a picture and this is what he did. I can’t stop laughing at this picture.”


This is what a truly candid picture looks like. “Hoomans always put in so much efforts in taking these pictures. I don’t know what takes them so long.”

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A cat’s sense of humor never fails to bring a smile on anyone’s face. The felines don’t even have to put in any effort to make people laugh. It just comes to them naturally.


Not all cats look adorable all the time. Some have got the job of scaring people away.


“My cat tried to smile for the very first time and this is so adorable.”


“Okay kitty, look straight into the camera and don’t move for a few minutes.” When your cat finally listens to you, this may be the result.


“My cat thought he was looking cute. I had to hide the picture from her.”


When your cat finds the secret love letter that you wrote to your lost cat. “So this is the big secret my hooman has been hiding from me.”

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