Check Out How This Creative Instagrammer Photoshops Cats Pics


The owner of the Instagram page “Koty Vezde,” which means “cats are everywhere,” sees cat in pretty much everything. The 29-year-old Moscow resident, Galina Bugaevskaya has been photoshopping cat pictures into hilarious creatures.

Her pics have created quite the stir because fans can’t decide if these pics are cute or creepy. The pics, however, are sure to take you through a laughter ride.

We have put together some of her best work right from her Instagram page. Scroll through these hilarious pictures and don’t forget to share them with your friends and family.










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The creator of Koty Vezde describes that this was an instant idea that hit her one day. She had always wanted to do something creative. To fulfill this craving, she thought of Koty Vezde and she has received an overwhelming response.












Initially, she intended this to only be a hobby. But she has a whole Instagram following now that waits for the page to be updated with hilarious pics of kitties photoshopped into random things. She ever thought that her pictures would go viral and create such a stir on the internet. However, she is excited about how her work has been well-received and she hopes to come up with even more creativity with time.










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