Confused Cat Doesn’t Know Why She Can’t Knock Down “Christmas Tree”


We all wait for that time of the year when we get to decorate Christmas trees. Yes, we are talking about Christmas holidays. But if you live with a cat, you know that it doesn’t end there. Along with Christmas trees, comes cat rivalry and attacks.

The felines love everyone’s attention. When the cats feel that something else is stealing their spotlight, they ensure that it is destroyed as soon as possible. Well, that is not the only reason why cats love to bring down the Christmas tree.

Another thing that attracts cats to attack the Christmas tree is the beautiful decorations hanging around it. Christmas trees are decorated with birds, gifts and other tiny ornaments that cats like to play with. So how can cats resist when these are right in front of their eyes.

Meet Pepper! She is extremely playful and everyone loves her.

Pepper loves to indulge in games and adventures of her own. Christmas tree hunting is definitely a huge challenge for this kitty. In fact, Pepper waits eagerly for that time of the year when her hooman puts in all the efforts to decorate the Christmas tree.

Pepper’s mom Mikaela O’Neill said,

“Pepper loves to jump high and onto anything she thinks she can get to. This means no ornaments on high shelves, and definitely no Christmas trees.

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So Mikaela came up with an innovative idea to decorate her home with Christmas decorations without creating a mess. She simply bought a Christmas tree tapestry and hung it on a wall. When you have a cat who loves to destroy stuff, this definitely works out.

Pepper tried her best to bring down this Christmas tree that refused to budge. But the smart kitty soon found a way around.

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