Couple Forgets To Inform Their Cat That They Had A Baby


Family planning is something that affects the entire family, including your pets. So, be sure to include them while planning for your family, because otherwise they may be in for a shock, just like Roxy.

Roxy was taken aback when their owners brought their baby home from the hospital. The cat’s reaction to the baby pretty much broke the internet. Fortunately, Roxy was able to deal with the matter but a little heads up would have been appreciated.

Scroll through this amazing incident with Roxy and his family and be sure to better prepare yourselves by including your pets in your family planning discussions. Do not forget to share Roxy’s classic reaction with your friends and family!


#2 You didn’t even consider informing me?!


#4 However, Roxy has finally calmed down and is doing well with the baby

Cats and babies are a combination that only a few can resist. It’s practically a truckload of cuteness, and then some! If you liked this story, here are some more pictures of cute babies with their even cuter cattos.


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