Different Ways Of A Cat To Show Affection To Its Mom And Dad


Cats have different reactions when it comes to their hooman mom and dad. Felines are very choosy when it comes to display of affection. They choose their hoomans on their own and do not open up easily. Getting your cat to that phase where it is comfortable snuggling next to you is quite hard.

Meet this adorable black and white kitty!

One family recorded the reaction of their kitty while holding it and its reaction to hooman mom and hooman dad is totally different. Well, how can that be? Cats choose different ways to express love to different people.

When in hooman mom’s hands, the kitty purrs and stretches, only moving its front legs and shows claws.

When in hooman dad’s hands, the kitty instantly starts licking and biting its dad ear and rubs its head against his neck and ear.

Why such different behavior little kitty? Only this kitty can explain! Or maybe it’s just a cat thing.

Look how adorable this kitty is.

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So calm and still in its hooman mom’s hands. Little restless when its hooman dad picked it up.

Does this cat’s behavior has something to do with a particular person or is it males and females in general? It’s just interesting to see and observe cat behavior. We have often noticed some habits of cats that is common for all of them. But some are totally bizarre and weird. Have you ever noticed the difference with your cat’s way of showing love to different people? Does it also has similar way of showing love? We need to see some more cats to figure out the answer.

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