Doggo Becomes Care Taker To All Rescue Kittens At This Cat Shelter


Dogs and cats are generally considered as species that don’t get along well. For some reason, they evolved to always fight each other. However, this sweet pupper is here to prove the complete opposite. Raylan the dog has recently scored some fame on the internet because of a viral video that shows him taking care of cute tiny kittens. The video is a proof how sweet a bond between dogs and cats can be.




Raylan plays a parent to many foster cats. He takes good care of them and showers them with love until they find their forever home. These kittens were either lost by their mothers or were discarded by their owners. There are countless animals in the world that have the same fate. Fortunately, there are good doggos like Raylan and good hoomans like his owner who make the world worth living for these animals by finding them a good home.



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Raylan_the_dog boasts a whopping 20K followers in Instagram. People seem to enjoy all the adorable content posted on this Insta handle. Raylan’s Instagram description says that Raylan enjoys getting beer for his loved ones, road trips, and cuddles with his foster kittens. No doubt, Raylan is a sweetheart! Raylan’s owner adopted him from a high-kill shelter where Raylan would have ended up being euthanized. He said that people were unwilling to adopt Raylan because he was very high energy and untrained.


Raylan has cared for more than 60 kittens through his 9-year long life. That’s quite some many children to care for! Raylan’s hooman revealed the Raylan takes care of these kittens by constantly cleaning them (which is extremely helpful when the kittens are very young), and also playing and carrying the kittens around. He also stops the kittens when they are trying to scratch the sofa.



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