10 Excellent Examples Of Cat Logic


There are times when we feel that we are able to understand our pets and comprehend their actions, that the human-animal divide has been bridged and we can finally see the logic behind their behavior. This is when your cat enters the room and does something completely bizarre. Well, may be the pile of rocks is far more comfortable than the expensive kitty bed you brought home for the cat?

We bring to you pics showing some nuts behavior from cats around the world. Share the joy by sharing these pics with your friends and family!

#1 Well, apparently this is a very comfortable position for cats for having their dinner

#2 If I fit in it, I sit in it

#3 Ofcourse, this makes all the sense in the world (NOT)!

#4 Oh, I figured this one out as soon as I saw it

#5 Speculations are ongoing in the family regarding my cat’s behavior in this picture, inputs are welcome

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#6 Feels swell sleeping AMONG these expensive beds

#7 I don’t need a manual, I AM THE MANUAL

#8 Don’t see nothin’ wrong here

#9 I felt extremely smart about deciding to get this super comfortable bed as a Christmas gift for my cat

#10 Not an old fashioned cat that brings home birds and mice, our cat likes SPONGES!

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