Family Accidentally Buries Wrong Cat Thinking It’s Theirs


Our pets become an important part of our family and losing them is very hard. It’s like losing a family member with whom who have shared precious moments and a big part of your heart.

One mother and son couldn’t stop grieving when their cat Tom passed away. Cathy Vickers, the cat’s hooman mom, decided to arrange a proper funeral and burial for her late cat. She even shared about it on Facebook.

RIP sweet Tom. You will always be the coolest cat. My boys will miss you!

However, things turned odd and just after an hour of sharing the news on Facebook, she had another news to share. Cathy found out that mistakenly they have buried the wrong cat. Yes, you read that right. She posted this update on Facebook as well.

Ok this is embarrassing. I don’t know whose cat we buried, but Tom just showed up at our house. Only at the Vickers’ house. Got some happy boys here.

Cathy’s son also shared this on Twitter. The tweet got 108,000 likes and 42,000 retweets. They still haven’t discovered whose cat they buried. But at least the kitty got a proper funeral with so many people paying their respects.

Cathy and her son were extremely happy that their cat found his way back home. They know that one day Tom will leave them, but they can cherish the time they have together. As evil and notorious felines can be, they occupy a huge part of our hearts. Once you live with a cat, it’s just impossible to imagine your life without them.

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