Farmer Tells The Little Boy Not To Buy The Disabled Cat


Once upon a time, a farmer put some kittens on sale. He put a sign advertising his kittens at the edge of his yard. Just when he was nailing the sign, he felt that someone was tugging at his overalls.

A little boy was looking with beaming eyes at the farmer. The little boy told the farmer that he wanted to buy some kittens. The farmer told the boy that he had some fine kittens, but would cost him good money.

The boy excitedly reached into his pocket and took out some change. He showed the farmer that he had thirty-nine cents. Then, the boy further inquired if that would be enough. The farmer nodded and whistled at the cat house.

Out came a girl with some kittens following her. The boy was delighted to see the adorable kittens. Suddenly, he spotted a little kitten that was walking with difficulty following his fellow kittens. In that instant, the boy knew he had come to the right place. The little kitten wobbling and making his way towards him was purrfect.

The boy quickly told the farmer that he wanted that kitten. The farmer said,

Son, you don’t want that kitten. He will never be able to run and play with you like these other cats would.

Just then, the boy stepped back and rolled up his trousers to reveal a steel brace attached to his leg along with a specially made shoe. He said that he didn’t like running himself. That kitten was just purrfect for him.

With teary eyes, the farmer picked up the disabled kitten and gave it to the little boy. The farmer didn’t take any money from the little boy. He said,

There’s no charge for love.

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