Feline Medley: Cuties, Weirdos, Birthdays and Glow-Ups


Hurrah! It’s yet another splendid feline medley segment!

We have something special for you today. We went on the popular r/cats subreddit to hand pick some of the most up-voted cat photos from last week. Apparently, it has been an amazing cat week on r/cats full of cuties, weirdos, birthdays and glow-ups!

We simply can’t stop adoring these medleys, and there is something for all cat lovers!

#1 A feline quarantine castle

#2 “She turned 19 today”

#3 “She has obeyed the rule of not getting on the counter for 16 years. Year 17, however, has her making rules of her own.”

#4 “She noticed as I packed my Army kit earlier this morning. She figured out I’ll be gone for a few weeks so this is how she’d sit with me until I am ready to leave.”

#5 “Skeeter LOVES his Christmas present!”

Most Watched - Video of the Day

#6 Primrose, the kitten; and Pebbles, the mama

#7 “We brought our kittens outside for the first time ever. Never saw them so happy before!”

#8 “BOOP ME”

#9 “Snapped my cat during a yawn, and after”

#10 “I cannot believe that I got all seven of them in one picture!”

#11 “Our neighborhood cat hopped into the stroller and joined us for a walk this evening.”
#12 “Found this fluffball abandoned in a parking lot three years ago. Time sure flies!”

#13 “Cannot believe she’s made it to 18!”


#15 “Meet Piper. Hey eye was severely inflamed and the vet suggested a surgery to remove it. They thought it could be cancer or some other fatal disease. But the biopsy just came and it was negative. Our princess is going to live a long, healthy life!”

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