Felines And Their Domestication Journey


We stumbled upon a Tumblr thread that digs into the history of our furry companions and how humans went on to domesticate these majestic creatures. The most important takeaway from this pool of information is that we are dumb enough to annoy these brave predators – which is a terrible, terrible idea!

Throughout the world, cats have assumed a significant position in the lives of their pawrents. Not just their houses, but even their internet feeds are filled entirely with cat pics and videos. What explains this human obsession with the feline companionship?

Well, for one thing, these little fellas are hilarious! If there’s one thing humans love, it’s some gentle comedy. Further, felines are natural internet material! There’s a good chance that any post with a cat in it has the potential to go viral instantly. Twitter and Instagram feeds of cat lovers the world over, are flooded with a gazillion cat pics and memes every day.

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However, with all this popularity in the modern world, we often forget where our fluffy friends originally come from. As we dress them up in weird costumes and see them hide in tiny places, we forget their origin. Through this post, we have attempted to bring just that, to everybody’s attention.

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