Find Out Why Cat Owners Are More Intelligent Than Dog Owners


Cat lovers and dog lovers will never stop arguing about who is better. We always tend to separate the two based on the love for their pets. But one thing is for sure that cat owners have more brains than dog lovers. A new study claims that dog owners are not as intelligent as cat owners. If you don’t believe this, then read this and you will find out why.

Numbers show that in the United States, the households owning dogs is six percent more than those who own cats. Several surveys show that the cat owners are largely outnumbered by the dog owners. Usually, dog people are more outgoing and social. Whereas, cat people are better at standing up for what they believe in and are more sensitive.

Some people even question the fact that you are either a cat lover or a dog person. You can’t love both of them. Well, we believe only supreme beings are capable of doing that. The fight between the two is never ending. So it’s better to say that they both are amazing.

Denise Guastello conducted a study of six hundred college students which showed that cat people are open-minded and sensitive, while dog people are naturally social and outgoing. Just like the fur balls, cat people like to stand up for what they believe in. Basically, they are non-conformist. They are also more educated and have a tendency to score higher in intelligence tests.

Cat people are more likely to work for longer hours and possess college degrees. So it’s only natural to get a pet that compliments their lifestyle. On the other hand, dog people fit into the social and lively lifestyle who want to go outside, taking their dogs along.

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Cats don’t need you to take them out for walks like dogs do. If you’re sensitive, introverted and tend to stay inside with your books, then you are definitely a cat person. The difference in personality and lifestyle clearly show that cat people are more intelligent than those who own a dog.

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