Funny Moments Cat Owners Realized How Mean Their Cats Actually Are


Cats are adorable and care for their humans. But at times, they are in the mood to have fun. It doesn’t affect them if that fun comes at the cost of their human’s peace. Once they have made a plan, they have to execute it.

Cat humans and scars in one sentence are not a surprising thing at all. Several cat pranks involve leaving scars on their humans. If you are lucky enough, they will restrict themselves to your arms. Here are some hilarious cat stories that will explain how wicked and mean cats can be. But this doesn’t mean that we don’t love them. They will always have a huge place in our hearts.

#1 Learning the little hacks of life and applying them well.

#2 Cats may be aggressive and make things tough for you, but they will always stay in our hearts.

#3 Some cats know when to grab an opportunity right away. Cats are an expert at that.

#4 Mean or not, cats are always adorable.

#5 Never trust a cat. They may care for you, but they never get tired of their pranks.

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Yes, cats are cute and all. But you can’t ignore the fact that they are also very mean. By now you must be clear about it. If not, then we have plenty more cat pictures to show you how mean cats can get. Don’t forget about their pawsome side amidst all the meanness. It’s always good to cherish that.

#6 Cats are more stubborn than any human ever born. Once they say no, it will always be that way.

#7 “I am a cat and that’s how things work with me. Nothing is going to change.”

#8 Best advice any cat human will ever receive. Share this as much as possible.

#9 Cats never fail to surprise us. So when they seem stuck somewhere, just let them be. Most of the time, it’s just one of their pranks.

#10 Taking a cat to a vet will never be easy.



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