Ginger Cat Reacts To His First Beach Visit And It’s Totally Hilarious


All the cats out there are adorable no doubt. But each of them have their own special personality. A little ginger cat named Pumpkin is also unique in his own way. He and his brother Moustachio live with their family happily.

Look at Pumpkin’s reaction!

The two cats visited the beach for the very first time recently and their reaction was just adorable. Pumpkin’s family got to witness a different side of the kitty during the beach visit. It turns out that Pumpkin really loves the beach. However, he is not a big fan of strong winds and absolutely hates them.

Pumpkin’s owner said,

The first day my daughter and I brought him to the beach, the wind picked up and he started to make faces. We had never seen anything like it before. So we took a quick video. The beach pictures all came from a 5 seconds video! He has since been back to the beach and likes it very much.

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Unlike other cats, Pumpkin likes to venture out with his family. But his reaction to the strong winds was truly hilarious. Maybe he was little scared of the winds. Pumpkin’s owner said,

Pumpkin was so captivating from the beginning. He is so curious, charming, adventurous and so very intuitive. He loves all other animals and they love him too. He seems to be so connected to all living things.

Pumpkin’s family thought that it would be a good idea to take the kitty to the beach with them and they were completely right about it. The adorable little bub was really enjoying himself till the time wind started to pick up. After that, Pumpkin’s reaction said it all. Maybe he is not that much into beaches.

Pumpkin was really small when his family first adopted him. They fostered Pumpkin and couldn’t let him go, so they decided to adopt him. The owner said,

We knew he was special right away. We adopted him, along with his brother Moustachio as they were inseparable.

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