US Police Department Allows People To Pay Off Parking Tickets By Donating Cat Food


There are no two opinions about the fact that pets are among the most wonderful things to happen to a human during his lifetime. Sadly, there are people who choose to refuse this joy by abandoning their pets, mostly dogs and cats. On the brighter side, there are many God sent souls who work hard to help these poor critters who have been left homeless across animal shelters around the world. Munci Animal Care and Services in Indiana is one such example. They assist people who are looking to adopt pets and help the poor abandoned souls find the furrever homes.

#1 Muncie Animal Care and Services partnered with the Indiana Police Department – the local police allowed that citizens could help the abandoned kitties as payment of their fines



However, this requires resources and more often than not most people are just fine with abandoning a “problem” rather than attempting to put in effort and working it out. Just when Muncie cat shelter was beginning to flood with stray cats and kitties, an unusual ally came to their rescue. The Indiana Police Department made a decision to take charge by allowing the citizens an alternative to their own problems. The local police encouraged these people who were to pay fines, to donate either cat food or money to Muncie Animal Care and Services shelter in lieu of their fines.



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Both organizations spread the word of this amazing initiative through their social media handles by adding a list of what they will accept instead of the fines for their parking violations. Among other things that have been encouraged to be brought are wet canned food, blankets, beds, cat or kitten food, litter.


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