Artist Illustrates How His Cat Helped Him Out Of Depression


Yash Pandit from Mumbai has been suffering from mental health issues when he decided to get a cat. Despite all his efforts, he was unable to deal with his depression. Then, a special kitty helped him out.

Well, cats have always been our saviors. Depression can’t stay for long in places where cats belong. Pandit named his cat Bagheera, a dark-colored cat. He said,

There’s always this stupid superstition surrounding dark cats about them being bad luck, so not many people wanted him anyway.

Pandit instantly connected with this dark-colored kitty. It was calm, mischievous, and loving. Pandit illustrated how this kitty helped him out of depression and it’s pawsome!

Bagheera is an expert at making the depression go away.

Exercise is the first step and cats never let their hoomans sit peacefully.

Pandit and Bagheera trust each other. The kitty can comfortably get into awkward places.

Bagheera is a constant companion, so Pandit is never alone. He has someone to return to.

Taking care of a cat is a constant struggle.

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Cats like to be clean and also know how to force their hoomans to stay clean.

You can’t oversleep even for a day when you are living with a cat.

Pandit now has Bagheera to listen to his useless rants. Talking to your cat really helps.

Cats love you the way you are. No matter how you look, you are the world to them.

Meet Pandit and pawsome Bagheera! They are just adorable.

Some people even commented on Pandit’s story. Look what people have got to say!

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