Guy Mistakens His Neighbor’s Cat For His Own, Drugs It And Keeps It Locked Up


Cats are sneaky by nature and are always planning to fool humans. Their built-in detective skills help them act like a spy. The adorable purry creatures have their way with everything. You can never win over them. You may spend all your time figuring out your cats and they would simply sleep in peace.

A guy living in New Zealand was fooled by a cat and it’s hilarious. He took his neighbor’s cat for his own. Here’s the hilarious Twitter thread. Do give it a read!

How can one forget these agonizing eyes and not recognize their own cat!

Cats are the masters of fooling humans. If this doesn’t prove this, then what will?

Not able to recognize his own cat, does this guy need glasses?

Here’s our little adorable culprit!

Even the vet was fooled by this cat. Now, this doesn’t happen every day.

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Are you drugging a cat in his hooman’s absence!?

Here’s the secret weapon!

Update about the cat who was kidnapped and drugged. Seems she is doing fine.

What is it is only the after effect of drugs? We are worried about the cat now.

Was it all planned by the felines? Were they playing along all this while? Well, master cats!

Totally hilarious! We are waiting to see what happens afterwards.

Looks like this New Zealand guy is not the only one who couldn’t recognize his own cat. These cats are just masters of fooling humans.

Another could who buried someone else’s cats mistaking it for their own.

Even dogs are playing the same game.

Some people get to keep both the animals.

Now this one has crossed all limits. What is happening around?!

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