Guy Sneaks His Chonky Cat On Plane, Gets Punished By Airline


For a cat owner, felines are no less than their own kids. They treat cats better than their partners. If a cat asks for something, his hooman will go to any extent to get that for them. Cat hoomans ensure that their cat is the most comfortable in every situation. But sometimes, cats leave us with no choice at all.

Mikhail Galin really loves his cat and he can do anything for him. He is even ready to break some rules for him. Read on to know about their pawsome story.

While planning his trip to Vladivostok from Riga, Mikhail got to know that the airlines won’t allow his cat to travel with him. But he came up with a plan to deal with it.

As Mikhail’s cat Victor was 5lbs overweight, the cat was told to travel in the cargo hold. But Mikhail knew that Victor would be very uncomfortable there. The kitty felt uncomfortable in the awkward environment of the cargo hold as well as the sudden change in air pressure.

Mikhail took to social media and asked people for a cat that looked just like his own. He was lucky enough to find a similar looking cat.

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At the check-in, Mikhail swapped Victor with the similar looking cat. Just before he was about to board the plane, Mikhail took back Victor and got on the plane with him.

But the staff cleverly caught him on the surveillance cameras while swapping the cats. Mikhail was punished for it. He was taken down from the frequent flyer program of the airlines. That was not all. Mikhail also had to pay for it.

The story is already viral on the internet and people are reacting to it in huge numbers. Here are some of the reactions of the people on this story. Have a look!

What would have you done have you been at Mikhail’s place? Even though he tried to find a way through, he couldn’t succeed. Do you have a better plan?

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