Heartbreaking Footage Of A Cat After Owners Leaves Home


Have you guys ever wondered what your pets do when you leave them by themselves at home? Do they just take long naps or are part of a secret cult? Or maybe they just get really sad and lonely because you left them? Well, the technology now enables us to take a sneak peak into the secret life of our pets when we are not around.

One girl made up her mind to make use of this technology to find out what her cat does when left alone at home. What was expected to be funny turned sad very quickly. Ida Myrin decided to set up this camera for her fluffball before she left the house. The first thing that the cat does after they leave is fetch her leash asking the family to take her along.

Cat walking around with her leash, trying to tell her family she wants to go with them

It is both cute and sad at once. The cat hopes the owners are just hiding somewhere as she walks around the house meowing. Eventually, she realizes that they are not hiding but have left, she abandons the leash and sits just waiting for the family to come back home. It’s quite a sad look! Who would have known that out pets wish to venture into the outside world with us, even cats!

The cute 3-year-old cat is named Isola

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Ida got Isola when she was just a tiny kitten. Redditors explained Ida that it is perhaps time to get another cat who could keep Ida company. As it turns out, Ida does have another cat! It happened to be one of those rare instances when both Ida and her cat were not home because they were visiting the vet.

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