Hilarious Cat Responses To Your Carefully Chosen Gifts


Over the years, humans have also got creative with cat products just like our innovative and creative fur balls. However, cats don’t like it when someone else dictate their world. They have shown us time and again that they will do what they feel like. So when it comes to all the gifts you get for your cat, they will use it at their own convenience.

#1 When you think your cat does not have a comfortable place to sleep in, they will prove you completely wrong.

#2 Cats like to use their brains to make things complicated. They don’t like it simple.

#3 And we thought that cats are smart enough. Maybe they are extra smart.

#4 Cats don’t understand the concepts of gifts. It’s there way or no way.

#5 Did you think your cat will listen to you for once? Well, we don’t need to tell you that it will not happen, at least not in this lifetime.

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#6 I will sleep where I like, not where you tell me to.

#7 “That’s how you use a scratching post. Now leave me alone, you clingy hooman!”

#8 “Did you get me a sleeping bag? I don’t think I need one.”

#9 “You hoomans have been doing it all wrong. Wait, I will teach you.”

#10 “I was just getting to my new bed. I really like it.”

#11 “Look I just found a new hiding spot. Why do you look so disappointed?”

#12 “My cats like to sleep on top of their beds and I have accepted that I will never see them sleep inside it.”

#13 Two beds for this kitty and she decides to see in between instead.

#14 “Look hooman, I learned to climb.”

#15 “Thank you for getting me a new cardboard box.”

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