Hilarious Cat Snaps To Brighten Your Day


People are extremely fond of taking pics when their cats are being silly. A survey commissioned by a cat litter company discovered that cat pawrents take an average of 7 pics per day or their adorable kitties. PER DAY.

If you yourself are a cat parent, you’re probably saying to yourself that 7 sounds more or less accurate. Even if you haven’t taken any pics today, you’d have taken a couple dozen pics the last time to get the right angle so it evens out in the end.

Scroll down to immerse yourself in some kitty fun time and don’t forget to share these with your friends and family.






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Of the several million snaps that flood the internet everyday with cat pics showing cats that are stuck in inexplicable places, being arrogant, and getting us to let them use us as a mattress for long hours, we have managed to hand-pick a few of the best ones for you guys.










For as long as the humanity has had pet cats, they have been carried around like infants, nagging about how they are no help around the house, and of course putting on goofy hats on them.

Similarly, for as long as the mankind has had access to cameras, they have been used by cat owners to take silly pics of their cats accompanied by hilarious captions.

It’s extremely likely that any progress in visual devices will involve them being used to take cat pictures.






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